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Jolly Phonics

Jolly Phonics

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  • Price: €22.00 - €24.00
  • Jolly Phonics Big Book 1

    This big book is used to introduce key elements of grammar to the whole class in a fun and engaging way and is the ideal accompaniment to The Grammar Handbook 1.There are extensive introductions explaining how to use the big books and relating them to their respective Handbooks. 12 topics covered in each book, corresponds to teaching in The Grammar Handbooks.

  • Jolly Phonics Big Book 2

    Complement to The Grammar Handbook 2. Allows teacher to introduce new elements of grammar to whole class. Contains a comprehensive introduction to using the big book and relating it to the handbook.

  • Jolly Stories - Jolly...

    Each of the characters is carefully thought out to help youngsters make sense of the letter sound. Embossed letters also help the learning process as your youngster can trace each one with their fingers to reinforce learning and understanding the letter sound. Jolly Stories help make phonics fun!