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Bouncy Blue

Bouncy Blue

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Our Early Learning Music Series is an amazing collection of classic children's songs & TLG originals that are perfectly suited for use in Parent & Child Music Classes, preschool through 2nd grade & for families at home. 


Each CD contains over 20 styles of music, many instruments, a variety of keys, melodies & rhythms and an interactive educational activity for every song. Plus, the music is loved by parents!

1. Hey Hey How Do You Do? (Rock and Roll)
2. Five Little Monkeys (Funk)
3. Ants Go Marching (March)
4. Rise Up ( Reggae)
5. Mi Cuerpo Hace Musica (Hispanic Folk Song)
6. Here Comes the King (Skit)
7. Shake With You (Gospel/Blues)
8. Strong Mama (Blues)
9. On This Train (Singer-Songwriter)
10. La La La (Folk Rock)
11. Peek-A-Boo (Poem)
12. This Little Piggy (Hip Hop)
13. Funga Alafia (Swahili/African Chant)
14. I Like (Barbershop Quartet)
15. Wade in the Water (Spiritual)
16. Baby Blue (Lullaby)
17. The Restaurant (Skit)
18. Head Shoulders Knees & Toes (Classic Funk)
19. Basketball (Alternate Time Signature - 7/8)
20. Beep Beep (Blue Danube Waltz) (Classical Waltz)
21. We Are Monsters (60's TV Theme Style)
22. Old MacDonald (Folk)
23. Brahms Lullaby (Classical Lullaby)
24. Bye Bye We'll Miss You (Rock and Roll)

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