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Our Early Learning Music Series is an amazing collection of classic children's songs & TLG originals that are perfectly suited for use in Parent & Child Music Classes, preschool through 2nd grade & for families at home. 

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Each CD contains over 20 styles of music, many instruments, a variety of keys, melodies & rhythms and an interactive educational activity for every song. Plus, the music is loved by parents!

1. Hey Hey How Do You Do? (Rock and Roll)

2. If You're Happy and You Know It (Funky Rock)
3. Super Silly Tango (Tango)
4. Walking Through the Park One Day (Acoustic Pop)
5. This Little Light of Mine (Gospel)
6. Tickle Tickle (Fur Elise) (Classical Piano)
7. We Will Stomp (L'Arlesienne Suite) (Classical Orchestra)
8. Itsy Bitsy Spider (A Cappella)
9. Lucy Rabbit (Hip Hop)
10. Raining Outside (Ambient Dance)
11. Are You Sleeping (Lullaby)
12. Big Old Train (Train Song)
13. Skip to My Lou (Bluegrass)
14. Salsa Restaurant (Skit)
15. Tingalayo (Caribbean)
16. Down By the Riverside (Spiritual)
17. Going On A Bear Hunt (Story Song)
18. Hey Little Monkey (Reggae)
19. Little Red Wagon (Folk)
20. Yummy to My Tummy (Alternate Time Signature - 7/8)
21. Stop, Drop and Roll (Rockabilly)
22. I Like My Bass Guitar (Jazz)
23. Baloo Baleerie (Irish Lullaby)
24. Bye Bye We'll Miss You (Rock and Roll)

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