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  • Room on the Broom Big...

    Room on the Broom una historia para toda la familia. En formato grande una bruja sobrevuela la noche estrellada junto a su gato sobre la escoba. Podría ser un vuelo cualquiera, de no ser por la ráfaga de viento que, de pronto, se lleva su sombrero, su varita y su lazo. La bruja bajará para recuperar sus cosas, pero un perro, una rana y un pájaro se adelantarán a ella, encontrando sus objetos. Se lo devolverán a cambio de un paseo en la escoba, pero resulta demasiado peso y esta se parte en dos precipitándolos al vacío. ¿Cómo lograrán salir del pantano donde se halla un dragón?

    29,00 €
  • Fall of Giants

    Esta es una novela enorme que sigue a cinco familias a través del mundo, sacudiendo dramas de la Primera Guerra Mundial, la Revolución Rusa y la lucha por el voto de la mujer.  Fall of Giants se mueve sin problemas desde Washington a San Petersburgo, de la suciedad y el peligro de una mina de carbón a las brillantes lámparas de araña de un palacio.

    16,00 €
  • Goth Girl And The...

    The most famous authors in the world are coming to show off their pampered pooches at the Ghastly-Gorm Hall literary dog show.

    But there's something strange - mysterious paw prints howls in the night and some chewed shoes. Can Ada work out what's going on before the next full moon?

    16,00 €
  • Edge Of Eternity

    This is the final volume in The Century trilogy.

    An unforgettable tale of passion and conflict during the Cold War. From South America to Siberia, from Cuba to London, going through the United States and East Germany, this is a sweeping tale of the fight for freedom in a world grippedby the mightiest clash of superpowers anyone has known.

    18,00 €
  • Cometh The Hour

    This book opens with the reading of a suicide note, which has devastating consequences for Harry and Emma Clifton, Giles Barrington and Lady Virginia. Giles must decide if he should withdraw from politics and try to rescue Karin, the woman he loves, from behind the Iron Curtain. But is Karin truly in love with him, or is she a spy? Lady Virginia is facing bankruptcy, and can see no way out of her financial problems, until she is introduced to the hapless Cyrus T. Grant III from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Sebastian Clifton is now the Chief Executive of Farthings Bank and a workaholic, whose personal life is thrown into disarray when he falls for Priya, a beautiful Indian girl whose parents have already chosen the man she is going to marry...

    11,00 €
  • Mightier Than The Sword

    History is written by few, fought for by many.

    This book opens with an IRA bomb exploding during the MV Buckingham's maiden voyage across the Atlantic - but how many passengers lose their lives?

    Clifton Chronicles continue in this, his most accomplished novel to date. With all the twists and turns that have made him one of the world's most popular authors, the story of the Clifton and the Barrington families continues.

    11,00 €
  • This Was A Man

    This Was a Man is the seventh and final, captivating instalment of the Clifton Chronicles from master storyteller, world best seller Jeffrey Archer.

    11,00 €
  • Be Careful What You...

    The fate of the Clifton family rests with one man.

    11,00 €
  • Only Time Will Tell

    A secret past. A hidden destiny. A battle for the truth. Set in Bristol and Oxford ; from 1919 through the Second World War, this is the epic tale of Harry Clifton's life.

    11,00 €
  • The Sins Of The Father

    The fate of the Clifton family rests with one man. The Clifton Chronicles is this author's most ambitious work in four decades as an international bestselling author.

    11,00 €
  • Best Kept Secret

    The fate of two families forever entwined.

    11,00 €
  • Fire Storm (Young...

    Young Sherlock Holmes is at a loss. His friend and her father have disappeared, leaving an empty house, as if nobody ever lived there. Sherlock goes to Scotland, in an attempt to solve the case, and this takes him into an even darker mystery - which involves kidnapping, bodysnatchers and a man who says he can control the dead.

    10,00 €
  • Black Ice (Young...

    When Sherlock's brother is discovered holding a knife and leaning over a corpse, it seems a clear case of murder. But Sherlock is not so sure. This mystery will take him from London to Moscow, in a search for clues, where he can deduce the truth and discover the real culprit... or will Microft hang?

    10,00 €
  • Red Leech (Young...

    Sherlock Holmes knows that adults can keep secrets, but he didn't expect to find the world's most famous assassin living un Surrey when he's supposed to be dead. So he begins and adventure that will led him to America, to the centre of a deadly web - where life and death are cheap, and truth has a price nobody would want to pay...

    10,00 €
  • The Princess Diaries -...

    14-year-old Mia Thermopolis is still coming to terms with the fact that she's a princess - and heir to the throne of Genovia! But when she announces on national TV that her mum is pregnant by her algebra teacher and plans to marry him, a right-royal fuss results! For now Mia's dreadful old Grandmere is all set to plan the year's biggest society wedding, with every A-list celeb invited, from the Reagans to Phil Collins. But will the bride and groom turn up?

    10,00 €
  • The Princess Diaries -...

    Mia's got everything a girl could possibly want. She's a princess - and she's got a boyfriend! But that's where it all goes wrong. Because Kenny is just NOT the guy she really wants. Michael's the one she's loved forever - but he's going out with someone infinitely cleverer than Mia. Someone who can clone FRUIT FLIES, for heaven's sake! Will the story end happily ever after for the Princess of Genovia?

    10,00 €
  • Postman Bear: 20th...

    Lift the flaps and join in the fun with this special anniversary edition of the bestselling preschool classic, Postman Bear by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, creators of The Gruffalo.

    Bear is writing letters to his friends. But what could his letters be about? Lift the flaps and join Frog, Squirrel and Mole for Bear's special surprise!

    With sturdy flaps on every spread and rhyming stories that are a joy to read aloud, the Tales from Acorn Wood series has been delighting both parents and toddlers for over twenty years. Celebrate their unending appeal with Postman Bear: 20th Anniversary Edition.

    10,00 €
  • It's A Little Baby

    It's a Little Baby is a beautiful and engaging lift-the-flap book for little ones from Julia Donaldson and Rebecca Cobb. Featuring satisfyingly simple rhyming text and charming illustrations on fresh white backgrounds, this gorgeous board book is a perfect gift. With big flaps to lift and irresistible actions throughout, children are sure to delight in joining in. And that's not all, because there's an online song to enjoy too! Written and recorded by Julia Donaldson, the wonderful It's a Little Baby song is the perfect accompaniment to the book and sure to become a favourite sing-along tune.

    10,00 €
  • The Cook And The King

    There once was a very hungry king Who needed a cook like anything . . . . . . but the king is very fussy; he tries all the cooks in the kingdom, but no one is good enough. Then he spots Wobbly Bob. Maybe Bob can whip up his favourite dinner? But how will Bob be able to cook for the king when he's scared of . . . well, everything?!

    Discover how the hungry king helps Wobbly Bob face his fears on a cooking adventure across the land and sea. With fun rhyming verse and richly detailed illustrations, this is sure to become a firm favourite with children and adults alike.

    11,00 €
  • Hide-and-seek Pig and...

    With sturdy flaps on every spread and rhyming stories that are a joy to read aloud, the Tales From Acorn Wood books have been delighting both parents and toddlers for fifteen years. In Tales From Acorn Wood: Hide-and-Seek Pig and Postman Bear, two of the popular lift-the-flap stories from the creators of The Gruffalo, Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, are together in paperback, with a beautiful foiled cover look.

    Pig and Hen are playing hide-and-seek. But where on earth could Hen be? Lift the flaps and help Pig find out where she is hiding. Then join Bear as he delivers letters to his friends Frog, Squirrel and Mole - and lift the flaps to see Bear's special birthday surprise!

    11,00 €
  • Monkey Puzzle Big Book

    En Monkey Puzzle, el pobre monito ha perdido a su mamá. "Calla, pequeño mono, no llores, te ayudaré a encontrarla", dijo la mariposa, pero de alguna manera la mariposa cada vez se lo pone peor. ¿Encontrará a su madre?

    A partir de 2 años. Gran libro de 40x30 cm

    36,00 €
  • The Princess Diaries -...

    Mia's the new princess of Genovia. But nothing is simple anymore. Her mother is dating her teacher, a secret admirer sends her mysterious emails, and she's in love with her friend Lilly's brother, Michael. Life as a Princess is not so easy!

    10,00 €
  • Brown Bear, What Do...

    With more than two million copies sold, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? has opened up a world of learning to a generation of children. For this edition, created for the twenty-fifth anniversay in 1992, Bill Martin, Jr., restored his text to its original wording. And Eric Carle created all new pictures--based on the originals, but clearer, brighter, and truer to the colors they represent.

    35,00 €
  • The Princess Diaries -...

    Mia sometimes thinks she's the luckiest girl in the world: she is not pretty but she's ok, she lives in New York, the best place on the planet, she's a princess with a boyfriend. What more could she ask for?

    But not everything is as easy as it seems: her love life is a disaster. She's finally found a boyfriend, but he's not the right guy for her, and on top of that, she is in love with Michael...

    10,00 €
  • Carry On

    Simon es el peor "elegido" que se haya elegido nunca. Eso es lo que su compañero de habitación, Baz, dice. Y Baz podría ser el mal, y un vampiro, e idiota perdido, pero probablemente tiene razón. La mitad del tiempo, Simon no puede hacer funcionar su varita, y la otra mitad, hace arder algo.Su mentor le evita, su novia rompió con él, y hay un monstruo mágico corriendo por ahí con su cara.

    Esta es una carta de amor a las historias de amor y el poder de las palabras, para todos los "elegidos" que alguna vez tuvieron algo más en su mente que salvar el mundo.

    12,50 €
  • What The Ladybird Heard

    The ladybird said never a word. But the ladybird saw, And the ladybird heard . . . Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len are two crafty robbers with a cunning plan to steal the farmer's fine prize cow. But little do they know that the tiniest, quietest creature of all has overhead their plot, and she has a plan of her own . . . What the Ladybird Heard is a fantastically funny story from the stellar picture book partnership of Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks. With brilliant rhyming verse, bright distinctive illustrations and glitter on every page, this much-loved modern classic is perfect for reading aloud.

    10,50 €
  • The Detective Dog

    Acompaña al perro detective Nell, el perro con el sentido del olfato más agudo que jamás a existido. En este caso, alguién ha robado los libros del colegio y hay que desenmascarar al culpable y averiguar por qué lo ha hecho.

    11,00 €
  • Tyrannosaurus Drip

    Todo el mundo sabe que los tiranosaurios son grandes y dan miedo, así que cuando un huevo de dinosaurio pato es encontrado en el nido equivocado, la confusión sobrevendrá. Cuando el bebé dinosaurio sale del cascarón, él está tan fuera de lugar que sus espeluznantes hermanas mayores le llaman Tyrannosaurus Drip.

    9,00 €
  • The Paper Dolls

    Una serie de muñecas de papel van a una aventura fantástica a través de la casa y el jardín. Pronto se escapan de las garras del dinosaurio de juguete y las mandíbulas del cocodrilo de guante de horno, pero entonces aparecen un par de tijeras que suponen una amenaza muy real.
    9,00 €
  • The Troll

    Una aventura pirata de la asociación estelar de libros ilustrados de Julia Donaldson y David Roberts.
    11,00 €
  • The Hospital Dog

    Written by the brilliant Julia Donaldson and stunningly illustrated by the award-winning Sara Ogilvie, The Hospital Dog is a big-hearted tale about a very special, very brave dog.

    19,00 €
  • Sharing a Shell

    A little crab with no shell finds a shiny new one and he doesn´t want to share it.

    Sharing a Shell is a charming underwater tale of friendship and fun from the stellar picture book partnership of Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks, creators of What the Ladybird Heard. With brilliant rhythmic verse, bright and distinctive illustrations and glitter on every page, this is a firm favourite with children and parents alike.

    Un cangrejito sin cascarón encuentra uno nuevo y brillante y no quiere compartirlo.

    12,00 €
  • Chocolate Mousse for...

    Los buenos modales no están en el menú de esta comida. El paro no quiere comer sus zanahorias. La polilla dse come la tela, y las ovejas prefieren dormir que lavar los platos. ¡Gracias a Dios, algunos de los animales saben cómo comportarse!

    10,00 €