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  • The Well of Loneliness

    Publicado por primera vez en 1928, este retrato atemporal de amor lésbico es ahora un clásico.

    9,00 €
  • I capture the castle

    I Capture the Castle cuenta la historia de Cassandra, de diecisiete años de edad, y su familia, que vive en la pobreza no tan gentil en un desvencijado castillo antiguo inglés. Allí se esfuerza, en un período de seis meses, por conseguir un libro de seis peniques. A continuación, un libro de chelín, y, por último, un espléndido libro de dos indias, para perfeccionar sus habilidades de escritura.

    9,00 €

    MYTHOS nos relata los clásicos mitos griegos que han ayudado e influenciado a la cultura y pensamiento occidental. De manera entretenida, Stephen Fry nos relata el nacimiento de Atenea, la venganza de Cronos o la huída de Perséfone entre muchos otros personajes mitológicos griegos que explicarán ciertos comportamientos modernistas y contemporáneos.

    14,00 €
  • Harry Potter and the...

    Dumbledore lowered his hands and surveyed Harry through his half-moon glasses. "It is time," he said, "for me to tell you what I should have told you five years ago, Harry. Please sit down. I am going to tell you everything."

    16,25 €
  • Be Careful What You...

    The fate of the Clifton family rests with one man.

    11,00 €
  • Only Time Will Tell

    A secret past. A hidden destiny. A battle for the truth. Set in Bristol and Oxford ; from 1919 through the Second World War, this is the epic tale of Harry Clifton's life.

    11,00 €
  • The Sins Of The Father

    The fate of the Clifton family rests with one man. The Clifton Chronicles is this author's most ambitious work in four decades as an international bestselling author.

    11,00 €
  • Best Kept Secret

    The fate of two families forever entwined.

    11,00 €
  • A Tale of Two Cities

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.... These well-known and loved lines begin Dickens's most exciting novle, set during the bloodiest moments of the French Revolution.

    9,00 €
  • The Guernsey Literary...

    "" I wonder how the book got to Guernsey? Perhaps there is some sort of secret homing instinct in books that brings them to their perfect readers." "January 1946: London is emerging from the shadow of the Second World War, and writer Juliet Ashton is looking for her next book subject. Who could imagine that she would find it in a letter from a man she's never met, a native of the island of Guernsey, who has come across her name written inside a book by Charles Lamb....

    13,00 €
  • Fall of Giants

    Esta es una novela enorme que sigue a cinco familias a través del mundo, sacudiendo dramas de la Primera Guerra Mundial, la Revolución Rusa y la lucha por el voto de la mujer.  Fall of Giants se mueve sin problemas desde Washington a San Petersburgo, de la suciedad y el peligro de una mina de carbón a las brillantes lámparas de araña de un palacio.

    16,00 €
  • Edge Of Eternity

    This is the final volume in The Century trilogy.

    An unforgettable tale of passion and conflict during the Cold War. From South America to Siberia, from Cuba to London, going through the United States and East Germany, this is a sweeping tale of the fight for freedom in a world grippedby the mightiest clash of superpowers anyone has known.

    18,00 €
  • The Ecology Book

    As our influence on the planet grows, answering some profound questions is becoming more and more important: Why is greater biological diversity desirable? How was the hole in the ozone layer discovered? Is another mass extinction on the way?

    25,00 €
  • A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

    This is an American classic novel, which tells us about a young girl’s coming-of-age at the turn of the 20th century.

    Francie Nolan has needed to be strong from the moment she came into this world, for growing up in the Williamsburg slums of Brooklyn, New York demanded strength, precocity, and a strong spirit. Her neighbours made fun of her because of her family’s erratic and eccentric behaviour.

    The autor of this book has captured the joys of humble life, the daily experiences of Francie’s family, in a sometimes tender, sometimes raw with honesty, novel, threaded with family connectedness.

    22,00 €
  • Quidditch Through the...

    This brand new edition of the most famous sports book in the wizarding world pairs J.K. Rowling's original text, with gorgeous jacket art by Jonny Duddle and line illustrations throughout by Tomislav Tomic. A contribution from the sale of each book will go to Comic Relief.

    9,99 €
  • Do Androids Dream Of...

    War Terminus has left the a devastated Earth. Through the ruins of what’s left of it, bounty hunter Rick Deckard stalks, in search of his prey: the renegade replicants. When he isn't 'retiring' them with his weapon, he dreams of owning a live animal - the ultimate status symbol in a world like this.

    Then Rick gets his chance, when he is given the assignment to kill six Nexus-6 targets, for a huge reward. But in his world things are never that simple, and his assignment quickly turns into a nightmare kaleidoscope of subterfuge and deceit - and the threat of death for him, the hunter, rather than the ones he hunts ...

    13,00 €
  • The Testaments

    When the doors of the van closed after Offred at the end of “The Handmaid’s Tale”, the readers had no way of knowing what her future was going to be: freedom, prison or death. With the publishing of this book, the wait has come to an end.

    Atwood recovers Offred’s story fifteen years later, with the testimonies of three narrators of Gilead’s world. The Republic of Gilead is beginning to rot from within. At this crucial momento, two girls with different experiences of the regime come to face with Aunt Lydia. But how far will they go for what they believe?

    14,00 €
  • Cometh The Hour

    This book opens with the reading of a suicide note, which has devastating consequences for Harry and Emma Clifton, Giles Barrington and Lady Virginia. Giles must decide if he should withdraw from politics and try to rescue Karin, the woman he loves, from behind the Iron Curtain. But is Karin truly in love with him, or is she a spy? Lady Virginia is facing bankruptcy, and can see no way out of her financial problems, until she is introduced to the hapless Cyrus T. Grant III from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Sebastian Clifton is now the Chief Executive of Farthings Bank and a workaholic, whose personal life is thrown into disarray when he falls for Priya, a beautiful Indian girl whose parents have already chosen the man she is going to marry...

    11,00 €
  • The Tenant Of Wildfell...

    This is a powerful but sometimes violent novel of expectation, sin, love, oppression, religión and betrayal. It talks about the disintegration of Helen Huntingdon’s marriage, the mysterious “tenant” of the title, and her alcoholic and dissolute husband. Defying convention, she leaves her husband to protect their son from his father’s influence, and earns her own living as an artist. While she is hiding at Wildfell Hall, she meets Gilbert Markham, who falls in love with her.

    6,00 €
  • Mightier Than The Sword

    History is written by few, fought for by many.

    This book opens with an IRA bomb exploding during the MV Buckingham's maiden voyage across the Atlantic - but how many passengers lose their lives?

    Clifton Chronicles continue in this, his most accomplished novel to date. With all the twists and turns that have made him one of the world's most popular authors, the story of the Clifton and the Barrington families continues.

    11,00 €
  • Her Kind

    One night, a woman finds refuge with her daughter in the household of a childhood friend, Alice Kytler. She is the town’s wealthiest citixen, but the memory of a shared past persuades her to shelter them. She gives her former companion a new name, Petronelle, a job as a servant, and warns her to hide their old connection. But in aligning herself with a powerful woman, Petronelle realices than she and her child are in more danger than they ever faced in the savage countryside ... Alice has a deadly enemy. When she understands the destruction Alice’s enemy is ready to unleash, is it too late?

    “A story of loss, ambition, misogyny, family love and what it means to belong ... evocative and atmospheric” - Irish Times

    18,00 €
  • World's Best Travel...

    Discover the best of the world, travel to experience what is authentic, incomparable, and distinctive in the world. This world fuels the wanderlust of anyone who dreams of seeing the world's most extraordinary places.

    35,00 €
  • Murder On The Orient...

    One day, just after midnight, the Orient Express is stopped in its tracks by a snowdrift. A passenger is found dead, in his compartment. Someone has stabbed him a dozen times, his door locked from the inside.

    The passengers are isolated by the storm and with a killer between them. Detective Hercule Poirot must identify the prime suspects from a scornful and impatient array of passengers – before the murderer strikes again.

    10,00 €
  • Little Women (Film)

    In time for the new major feature film, a timeless new edition of one of the most beloved novels in American literature.

    7,75 €
  • Little Women (Puffin...

    Puffin in Bloom A new line of classics with gorgeously illustrated covers by renowned stationery brand Rifle Paper Co.‘s lead artist, Anna Bond.

    15,00 €
  • Chess

    '...a human being, an intellectual human being who constantly bends the entire force of his mind on the ridiculous task of forcing a wooden king into the corner of a wooden board, and does it without going mad!'

    Stefan Zweig

    7,25 €
  • Whistle In The Dark

    When Lana goes missing for four days and returns refusing to speak of what happened, Jean fears the worst. She feels she's failed as a mother, that her daughter is beyond reach and that she must do something to bring her back.

    The family returns to London where everyone seems happy to carry on as normal - everyone but Jen. Her husband thinks her obsession is getting out of hand  and their eldest daughter is tired of Lana getting all the attention. But Jen knows her daughter has changed, and can't understand why.

    Is the answer in those four missing days? And how can Jen find out?

    12,50 €
  • The Winner's Kiss

    After the intrigue and danger of The Winner's Curse and the revolution and romance of The Winner's Crime, Kestrel is in the tundra's mines. She is a sly, ruthless killer, caring more for the empire than for the lives of innocent people, and certainly more than for Arin - or so he thinks -. He has sailed home, because he can't forget Kestrel and how she's betrayed him.

    Lies will come undone, and Kestrel and Arin will learn just how much their crimes will cost them in this third and final installment in the heart-stopping Winner's trilogy.

    14,00 €
  • My Brilliant Career

    This Australian classic, which was first published in 1901, tells the story of a 16 year old girl. She is trapped on her parents' farm, and she simultaneosly loves the bbush life and hates the physical burdens it imposes. She longs for a more refined lifestyle - to read, think, sing - but above all to do great things.

    Suddenly she is whisked away to live on her mother grandmother's property and her life is transformed when the rich and handsome Harry Beecham sees her. And soon she'll have to choose between everything a conventional life offers and her own plans for a brilliant career...

    8,00 €
  • The kite Runner

    Cometas en el cielo es la conmovedora historia de dos padres y dos hijos, de su amistad y de cómo la casualidad puede convertirse en hito inesperado de nuestro destino.

    17,00 €
  • Fifty Shades of Grey

    Cuando la estudiante de literatura Anastasia Stell sustituye a su compañera de piso en una entrevista al millonario Christian Grey, no esperaba encontrarse con un atractivo, brillante e intimidante joven que cambiará la inocencia de su mundo para siempre.

    11,75 €