• First Grade Basics Workbook
First Grade Basics Workbook

First Grade Basics Workbook

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Llévele al siguiente nivel. Este libro se centrta en lectura y matemáticas basicas, lo esencial para el éxito futuro en la escuela. Con base en los primeros objetivos de enseñanza de grado: contar el tiempo, dinero, etc todo con divertidas imagenes, instrucciones claras y contenido diverso.

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First Grade Basics Workbook

Take it to the next level. First Grade Basics focuses on beginning reading and basic math, the essentials for future success in school. Based on first grade instructional goals, each worksheet emphasizes an essential skill while encouraging reasoning and problem solving. Telling time, counting money, and recognizing fractions are some “every day from now on” tasks featured. The pictures add an extra dimension to critical thinking by allowing your child to make assumptions and draw conclusions about what is happening. Children respond to the engaging illustrations, clear instructions and content variety. Today’s lessons become tomorrow’s skills.

Fun Features & Benefits
• 90 pages of learning activities
• Tear-out pages for easy individual worksheets
• Parent Guide on inside front cover
• Activities to Share inside back cover
• Easy-reference Answer Key
• Completion Award Certificate

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ISBN-13: 9781601591623
Contents: 96 pages
Size: 8.5" x 11"
Ages 5-7

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