• Jolly Phonics Workbook 1
  • Jolly Phonics Workbook 1
Jolly Phonics Workbook 1

Jolly Phonics Workbook 1

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El primero de una serie de 7 libros, cada uno cubriendo un grupo de sonidos de las letras. Estos cuadernos de 24 páginas son una forma divertida para que los niños pongan en práctica sus conocimientos. Los primeros libros tienen el reconocimiento de letras simples, mientras que los libros posteriores introducen la cursiva y las palabras alternativas de las vocales. Edad 4+.


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The first in a series of 7 workbooks, each covering one group of letter sounds. 

These 24-page workbooks are a fun way for children to put their skills into practice. The first books have simple letter recognition, while later books introduce joined-up (cursive) writing and the alternative spellings of the vowels. Strategies for tricky spellings and challenging puzzles for developing phonic skills are also provided. Each book also contains a checklist which can be used to assess progress. Ages 4+.

Workbook 1    s, a, t, i, p, n

Workbook 2    c k, e, h, r, m, d

Workbook 3    g, o, u, l, f, b

Workbook 4    ai, j, oa, ie, ee, or

Workbook 5    z, w, ng, v, oo, oo

Workbook 6    y, x, ch, sh, th, th

Workbook 7    qu, ou, oi, ue, er, ar

Workbooks 1–7 are also available as a set