• Trilemma


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Conviértete en el maestro de matemáticas de este juego de números donde los jugadores eligen su nivel individual para responder a preguntas sobre las tablas de multiplicar, números cuadrados, números pares e impares, números primos, números mayores y menores, factores y múltiplos.

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Become the master of maths of this great numbers game where players choose their individual level to answer questions on times tables, square numbers, odd and even numbers, prime numbers, greater and less than numbers, factors and multiples. Not only can players choose their level, the cards are self-correcting so that adults can let children get on with the game. The aim of Trilemma is to correctly place three counters in a row on the board, but where you place your counter must correspond to the answer of the question asked e.g. if the question is ”an even number greater than20, but less than 30” then you have to place your counter on either 22, 24, 26 or 28. Which square will help you get three in a row?

Age     7 - 107
Barcode     5034439000145
Carton Quantity     12
Players     2 to 4
Playing Time     10 Minutes
Contents     1 game board, 80 tile question cards, 80 counters and 1 rules sheet