• Numbers Fun! Write & Reuse
Numbers Fun! Write & Reuse

Numbers Fun! Write & Reuse

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La matemáticas son más agradables y accesibles cuando se pueden borrar. Con un marcador de borrado en seco en la mano, los niños podrán practicar mucho con estas actividades. Este libro hace hincapié en una serie de importantes habilidades matemáticas tempranas, que incluyen suma, resta, y más.

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Math is more enjoyable and approachable when it's erasable! With a dry erase marker in hand, children will get plenty of practice with these proven activities.Numbers Fun! emphasizes a variety of important early math skills, including counting, number order, addition, subtraction, and more. Plus, playful illustrations help make learning fun. This workbook allows your child to practice basic math skills over and over as each activity reinforces curriculum objectives or introduces new ones. Make sure your child is ready to enter the world of numbers today!

Fun Features & Big Benefits
• Reusable, wipe-off format
• Playful, full-color illustrations on every page
• Letters written in clear, block-style
• Bottom corners tell what skills kids are learning
• 26 thick-coated, laminated pages
• Clear instructions on every page
• An exceptional learning offer!

Skills: numbers 1-10; eye-hand coordination; sequencing; numerical order; same, more, and fewer; greater than and less than; counting money; addition; subtraction

For best results we recommend dry erase markers that are made for use by children.

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