• Math War: Multiplication
Math War: Multiplication

Math War: Multiplication

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¿Su hijo necesita ayuda con la multiplicación? ¡Conviértalo en un juego! Estas cartas son una manera divertida y competitiva para que los niños practiquen sus operaciones básicas de multiplicación. Su hijo y un amigo pueden jugar juntos. A partir de 8 años.

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ISBN-13: 9780887432873
Contents: 56 cards
Size: 3.375" x 6.375"
Ages 8-up
Publisher: School Zone Publishing

Does your child need help with multiplication but dreads learning it? Then turn it into a game! These Math War Multiplication cards are a fun and competitive way to help kids practice their basic multiplication facts. Your child and a friend can play together, each flipping over cards and solving them. The player with the highest card value wins both cards. After a few rounds of this game, your child will be ready for those timed tests at school!

Fun Features & Big Benefits
• Access code for Golden Scholar Club free online gift
• Fun underwater themed cards
• Answer Card included for simple reference
• Deck contains 52 Math War Cards, 2 Wild Cards
• Parent Card with rules and game ideas included
• Numbers written in bold, block-style
• Thick, glossy cardstock

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