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Nuestra Serie de Música de aprendizaje temprano es una impresionante colección de canciones infantiles clásicas y originales TLG, que están perfectamente adaptadas para su uso en las clases de música de Padres e hijos. Desde preescolar hasta el 2º de primaria; asi como para las familias en casa. ¡Cada CD contiene más de 20 estilos de música diferente! Música que enganchará a padres y a niños.

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Our Early Learning Music Series is an amazing collection of classic children’s songs & TLG originals that are perfectly suited for use in Parent & Child Music Classes, preschool through 2nd grade & for families at home. Each CD contains over 20 styles of music, many instruments, a variety of keys, melodies & rhythms and an interactive educational activity for every song. Plus, the music is loved by parents!



1. Hey Hey How Do You Do? (Rock & Roll)
2. Wiggledy Woo (Funk)
3. Alouette (Traditional French Canadian)
4. Hokey Pokey (Blues)
5. Raisins and Almonds (Yiddish Lullaby)
6. When I Look Around (Acoustic Pop)
7. Inch Worm (A Cappella)
8. Chocolate Pie (Zydeco)
9. Cool Detector (Skit)
10. Finale From The William Tell Overture (Solo Accordian)
11. Mexican Hat Dance (Mexican Folk Dance)
12. Canon In D Major (Classical/ Baroque)
13. Little Bunny Foo Foo (Story Song)
14. Everybody Loves A Good Time (70’s Rock)
15. Funky Chicken (Hip-Hop)
16. Take Me Out To The Ballgame (Tin Pan Alley)
17. Hava Nagila (Klezmer)
18. One Little Bunny (Chant)
19. Stretch Back (Classical/ Modern)
20. Family Train (Train Song)
21. Mr. Eric’s Jumping Song (Bluegrass)
22. I Had A Little Rooster (Folk)
23. Your Own Dance Move (90’s Pop)
24. Tyrannosaurus (5/8 Time Signature)
25. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Nursery Rhyme)
26. Bye Bye We’ll Miss You (Rock & Roll)

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