¿Conoce su Wildebeest de su Warthog? En esta prueba peculiar de cada tarjeta se refiere a una de las criaturas más magníficas del mundo.Estruja el cerebro y ganar las células del cerebro, prueba tus conocimientos del Tyrannosaurus Allosaurus triunfante y la conquista de todo en esta versión clásica de los BrainBites.

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Do you know your Wildebeest from your Warthog? In this quirky quiz each card refers to one of the world’s most magnificent creatures. Strain your brain and earn your brain cells by testing your knowledge of the animals that roam the African Plain in this fabulous version of the BrainBites range. On each of the 57 Quiz cards there are 3 questions worth 1, 2, or 3 brain cells. Choose the level of difficulty and the correct answer wins you the corresponding number of brain cells. The player with who fills their brain card first in this fun game for all the family is the winner!

Barcode     5025822 460059
Carton Quantity     12
Players     2+
Playing Time     10 Minutes
Contents     57 cards, 6 score cards, 6 counters and 1 rules card.

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