Horrible Histories – ROTTEN ROMANS


Rotten Romans es un juego familiar diabólicamente divertido para 2 a 5 jugadores, de 8 años o más. Un juego dura alrededor de una hora para jugarEl objetivo es simple: para escapar de Roma y la esclavitud, y hacer su camino de regreso a uno de los países de origen A partir de 8 años

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Horrible Histories


A Barbaric Board Game by Terry Deary and Mike Siggins


Rotten Romans is a fiendishly fun family game for 2 – 5 players, aged 8 or older. A game takes about an hour to play.

THE OBJECT OF THE GAME Your aim is simple: to escape Rome and Slavery, and make your way back to one of the home countries. To acheive this you will need to gather tools and weapons to aid your escape, make friends and allies, bribe guards, and last, but not least, avoid the Solidiers chasing you. Each player takes on the role of a Gladiator – formerly a slave who was forced to fight in the Colosseum to entertain blood thirsty Romans. Additionally the players move soldiers who chase the other Gladiators.

Cunning Components:

Game Board

15 Gladiator Markers

10 Soldier Markers

50 Fate Cards

30 Resource Cards – Soliders

30 Resource Card – Gladiators

58 Resource Tiles

4 Dice

Rules Booklet

Suitable for 8 years of age upwards.



 This game may help with dyslexia and dyspraxia. You will develop concentration, speed of thought, and visual perception.

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