Reading Activities 1-2


Descifrar y utilizar el lenguaje escrito es un proceso.
Los niños deben desarrollar tanto las destrezas de decodificación (la capacidad de “sondear” las palabras) y de comprensión para ser buenos lectores. Este libro Reading Actividades ayuda a desarrollar destrezas en ambas áreas críticas. Una vez dominado, estas habilidades sólo sigue creciendo. Grados 1-2 Edad: 6-8 años

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Fluency in reading leads to confidence and success in school. 

Deciphering and using written language is a process.

Children must develop both decoding skills (the ability to “sound out” words) and comprehension to become fluent readers. This Reading Activities workbook helps build skills in both critical areas. Once mastered, these abilities just keep growing. Your child will delight in and learn from story problems, whimsical illustrations, and probing questions. Help stimulate interest and imagination while building core skills.

Fun Features & Benefits
• Parent Guide inside front cover
• Activities to Share inside back cover
• Easy-reference Answer Key
• Simple, easy-to-following instructions
• Perforated pages make great individual worksheets
• Exceptional learning value!

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