Super Deluxe Preschool Basics


¡Preparados, listos, ya! Este libro de actividades ayudará a preparar a su hijo para el éxito. Con lúdicas y llamativas ilustraciones en cada página, este libro ayuda a enseñar el alfabeto, los números, los sonidos iniciales, y el objeto clasificar, en un formato simple y ordenada. Excelente para viajes en coche, salas de espera, etc. Edad: 4-6 años

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Super Deluxe Preschool Basics

Ready, set, go! Gearing up for kindergarten is a big job. Super Deluxe Preschool Basics presents activities that will help prepare your child for success. With playful, eye-catching illustrations on every page, this book helps teach the alphabet, numbers, beginning sounds, and object classifying, in a simple, uncluttered format. Great for car rides, waiting rooms and other wiggly times.

Fun Features & Big Benefits
• 95 pages of kindergarten prep activities
• Parent Guide on inside front cover
• Tear-out pages make great individual worksheets
• Activities to Share on inside back cover
• Completion Award Certificate
• Affordable learning!

Product# 02655
ISBN-13: 9781601591609
Contents: 96 pages
Size: 7.75″ x 11″
Ages 4-6
Publisher: School Zone Publishing

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