Domino- Question Tags Level B1/B2


Match the sentences with the question tags.


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This game contains: 21 tiles

Solutions are on the back side of the box

You don’t play tennis,
Peter’s been to Japan,
That boy isn’t Dax,
The team had a meeting,
I’m not having classes,
I’ve been living here for 5 years,
John and I weren’t at school,
Pam’s right,
There’s been another theory,
Sue doesn’t like carrots,
Your parents can use mobile phones,
You won’t forget,
Let’s go to the cinema,
You’d like to call the mechanic,
Susan didn’t bring that,
You are a student,
The dog hasn’t finished eating yet,
John wasn’t asked to leave,
I’m preparing dinner,
Tom studies hard,
We aren’t going out,
We should listen the news,
Mary will pass her exam,
The family were having breakfast,
Thomas can’t speak Chinese,
The Smiths haven’t been on holiday,
Pam and I enjoy learning English,
It was a wonderful trip,
do you?
hasn’t he?
is he?
didn’t they?
am I?
haven’t I?
were we?
isn’t she?
hasn’t there?
does she?
can’t they?
will you?
shall we?
wouldn’t you?
did she?
aren’t you?
has it?
was he?
aren’t I?
doesn’t he?
are we?
shouldn’t we?
won’t she?
weren’t they?
can he?
have they?
don’t we?
wasn’t it?

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