Math Puzzles (Grades 3-4)


Math Puzzle es una colección de puzzles de matemáticas muy divertido que ayudará al niño/a a que apreciar las matematicas y motivar a aquellos que no les gusta. Aprenderán a realizar fracciones, decimales, interpretar graficos y resultado, etc.

Recomendado para Edades de 7-8 años. Grados 3-4

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Help your child develop math skills for a lifetime.Math Puzzles 3-4 is a collection of fun and funny math puzzles that will intrigue children who love math, and motivate children who don’t. Lots of math skills are needed to solve these puzzles including estimating, understanding fractions and decimals, using standard and metric measurements, and interpreting charts and graphs. Here’s one example: “You’re invited to Kevin’s party if you can circle one of each of these solid figures: cube, cylinder, cone, sphere, rectangular prism, and square pyramid.” Or try working through Monster Appetites: “How much pizza can these monsters eat? The survey shows the fraction of a pizza each one ate.” Young learners get variety, and the slim size is great for packing into totes, backpacks and luggage.

Fun Features & Benefits
• Parent Note inside front cover
• Activities to Share inside back cover
• 29 pages of math activities
• Easy-reference Answer Key
• Convenient, take-anywhere size

Skills: addition; subtraction; multiplication; division; fractions; decimals; money values; math symbols; story problems; math vocabulary; standard and metric measurements; geometry concepts; number patterns and sequences; expanded notation; rounding; estimation; charts and graphs; probability; problem-solving; reading comprehension; visual discrimination

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