MEMORY – Conditionals Level B1/B2


Es un juego muy sencillo, en el cuál sólo es necesario observar, estar concentrados y tener un poco de memoria para ganar. El juego está diseñado para dos personas (una contra la otra) pero, igualmente, pueden jugar muchos más jugadores.

El objetivo es unir más parejas que el oponente.

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Level B1/B2

This game contains: 40 chits (20 pairs)

Solutions are on the back side of the box

You have to work hard
If you don’t feel well,
When you have a problem,
Ask for help
She won’t speak to him
Are you going to stay with Mary
As soon as I arrive home,
Unless she studies more,
If we see Tom,
They will be sad
If you did much exercise,
What would you wear
If he didn’t need the money,
If you could be an animal,
If I had more time,
I would save money
Would he have accepted
If you’d told me earlier,
She would have arrived on time
If the bank had given me a loan,
if you want to do well in life.
go to bed and rest.
who do you talk to?
as soon as you have a problem.
until he says sorry.
while you are in France?
I will phone you.
she won’t pass her exams.
we’ll tell him the news.
if they fail their exams.
you would feel much better.
if you were invited to The Oscars?
he wouldn’t work on Saturdays.
what would you be?
I could go to the gym.
if I were you.
if we had offered him more money?
I’d have gone too.
if she hadn’t stopped for petrol.
I would have bought a new car.

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